Photos from family vacation

Click the picture below to view more pics from vacation. We had a great time with Marla’s family for a week at Surfside Beach, SC (just south of Myrtle Beach). It was great to enjoy Nina’s first trip to God’s great ocean, and watch the girls let loose with the rest of the family. Thanks to the Yoders for a fun week!

  1. I love how you can share pictures….what a GREAT VACATION !  And such NEAT pictures…the jeans and white shirts are bad !  The girls…the fun….I am so glad…you guys got to enjoy a neat, neat time !  Thanks for SHARING ! smile…NINA…and her “just walking with you”….wow..she is growing up !

  2. Great pictures Gabe! I’m so sad! I wish we could go back–or I could be the girls’ live-in nanny!

  3. Your pictures are awesome!!  We love the beach as well and it’s the best place to get cool shots! 

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