Patience and Precision lesson

liviloom1Having children is definitely something that makes an impact on your life, just as much as you will on theirs. This weekend I took an hour and hung out in our oldest (of three) daughter’s bedroom. She had been up there for a little while, and I wanted to check out what she might be interested in. She was having lots of fun with her new weaving loom! I’m definitely into design, but have never really taken time to understand what goes into weaving. So my daughter gave me a quick lesson in how she was creating these potholders!

liviloom2There’s so much attention to detail and patience required!
And to think that she is just as capable of that (at the age of 9) as most adults. Sometimes I don’t practice putting that much attention to what I am doing. It’s exciting to know that she (and now our middle daughter) are content with creating crafts, that’s for sure. It takes effort for us parents to gauge our children, and encourage them / help them through learning new things. Sometimes (like this) it takes off without much assistance required. Or wanted! Kids always enjoy growing and maturing, don’t they!

I guess that’s a better position to be in than not caring what your kids are up to, and ending up realizing they’ve spent countless hours doing mindless things. What’s something you did as a child that you can look back and be proud of?

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