Our youngest is 3?

Man, I just feel really old today. Our youngest daughter, Ava, turned 3 on the 20th. I always thought our kids were young until today……they’re FREAKING ADULTS ALREADY! Actually, that might not be too far off. Kids these days are so mature at such a young age. If you have them you know what I mean. With each generation the “gold old days” become so much more distant from a normal life. I always thought, dang……my grandparents really had to deal with less trash than I did. Now I realize that my kids are going to deal with so much more than I even did. It might be good for all of us “20-30 somethings” to give our lives a check. I admire my little 3 year old Snow White so much…..even in a bigger way than a few minutes ago. She’s livin’ in a world full of so much trash and soon Satan’s going to start hittin’ her harder and harder. I can only do what I can do as a parent, but I need to stay true to what God’s taught me. How about you?

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