Nine short years

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We were visiting family over Christmas and were discussing Marla and I’s anniversary. I made a comment saying that the past nine years have been short, which really is true to me. The anonymous family member commented in regards to our marriage “Maybe nine short years and two long books?”. I thought that was a pretty good one!

The second of the two books they were referring to is available on Amazon here, and will be in stores in just 3 days. You’ll get the best price there and Marla actually makes a little more from it than on Amazon or anywhere else. Win-win situations are glorious.

Anyways….back to why I am writing. I just erased 3 paragraphs of writing on why you should even bother reading her books (to hear honest reality, see true unselfishness, and be challenged to give more of yourself). Thanks to Marla for making the pages of her book a reality and not something someone would barely believe if they had to guess. It’s amazing to me how much of a challenge it is to share our failures. Imagine how much more people would appreciate our testimonies if they lacked more pride and boasted more of what God has taught us in the valleys of life? The subjects God has asked Marla to write on aren’t easy, and often simply covered as having little failure by society. Christians are definitely not out of the blue when it comes to just talking about delightful things and covering up the truth. The body of Christ should be challenged to realize that most people aren’t as dumb as we think. What a challenge……and it starts at home.

  1. Half the fun of reading the book was knowing the two of you – I always had to smile at the cute stories 🙂 I especially liked the story of how you met… not much different then how Jud and I met.

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