New van and Buckeyes victory


We’ve been looking at trading in our 98 Buick Regal LS for a mini-van this past week. I never thought the day would come where I would be driving a mini-van, lol. The three girls’ car seats just fit into the Buick and they aren’t going to get any smaller. I drove up to Lima and picked up my brother Tug around 7:30 am to go look at more options. We were able to meet with Tim Barrows – a softball teammate – at Lima Auto Mall (go see him if you need a ride) and he was able to give me a better deal than I could get anywhere else. I made a few calls to Marla, letting her know I couldn’t find a better deal if I tried to. Tim was able to get me a deal on the 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan pictured below. I ended up driving it off the lot – all thanks go to God for providing the van for us! He amazes me every day of my life!

Tug and I picked up Eric Stevenson in Lima and headed up to Ann Arbor, MI. We then picked up another friend, David, and headed to the Ohio State vs. Michigan basketball game last night, thanks to Tug’s friend Jamar Butler (pictured below). It was a crazy game with Michigan pulling out to a lead of maybe 21-8 or something. OSU then went on a spree I have never seen before, hitting 11 of 12 three-point shots before halftime. They went into the locker room with the lead 49-43 over the Wolverines. Jamar ended up having an excellent game, scoring 20 points and shutting down Michigan’s point guard on defense. Jamar’s a sophomore at OSU and his game just keeps getting better. Thanks for lettings us come up and watch Jamar!

  1. I watched the game…it was painful.  OSU has beat down Michigan in nearly everything over the last couple of years.  It was a good game though!

    –  JP

  2. Great van! God is good. I hope and pray your family is healthy and happy. Thanks for the comment! It’s exciting; this new world……

  3. God is definitely good.  Glad to hear that things are going well with you and Marla.  Drop me a line when you have a chance.

  4. Hey Gabe, it was good to see you tonight.  Hope you’re doing all right.

    Sweet ride, man.  God is good.  Take care.

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