My dad ROCKs

mydadOne reason my dad, who turned 53 this week, rocks? You might not believe me, but that’s his first name. ROCK. Rock Taviano. Haven’t met too many people who don’t think that’s just a cool name. I get to spend time with him today, hanging out at their cabin on the river (that’s a pic of us there recently, me on right and him on left). Relaxing, going fishing, for walks, grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, and probably doing a little bit of talking, LOL.

Why just a little bit? Becuase that’s the way he is, and that’s the way I am as a result. God just worked it out that way. If you can’t tell, besides our hair difference, we look alike. And we act alike. Doing enough talking, but living our life where words are not needed. He was raised as one of 11 children. A family that made do with what they had, but with Italian blood, have always had a deep love for each other. A few things he enjoys most are working outside (just so happens to have a fascination for ROCKS and using them as landscaping wherever he can at their log cabin at home and cabin on the river – but tactfully), watching the Cleveland Browns (no matter how bad their season is going), and hunting (deer……..and morel mushrooms).

He’s been through quite a bit in his life. What I admire him most for is how he has adapted from being a really tough and intense personality to a passionate follower of Christ, caring husband and father, and is always up for a good time. He wasn’t just given the life he has, or the personality he has. He still has that tough attitude and temper down deep. He was named Rock after the legendary boxer, Rocky Marciano, and even followed the guy’s footsteps in entering a real ring and sending a guy to the emergency room way back in the day. But we’re all called to be who God made us, but mold ourselves each day to live out our faith and allow change to happen. He’s done that in a way that I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have done. I admire my dad most because that fight he has down deep is now being used against his one enemy, the devil. 1 Peter 5:8 sure fits. You ROCK dad!

PRAYING that I follow dad’s steps as I age, becoming more of the man God wants me to be each day. PRAISING God for caring so much about my dad.

  1. This is beautiful. Praise the Lord for the changes God has made in both of your lives. You two are two of the most incredible men I know, and He gets all the glory! Love you! Happy Father’s Day!

  2. Great way to honor your father.

    I’d like to meet Rock one day, if not here on earth, then definitely in heaven!

  3. janelle

    I’d like to meet Rock on earth and spend eternity with him in Haven. wonder if they have rocks in heaven…maybe we will be in charge of “landscaping” …. if they had “son” day…. we too, could write a thing or too…Rock / your dad loved this “blog” !!!

  4. Oh Gabe.. your post touched my heart. The picture amazes me.. because you would have to point out who is who. You both look so young. And knowing he is 53 blows me away because as we discussed on your visit .. he is our age. And you and Marla are our kids ages. That amazes me. Because I look up to you both as very mature brother and sister. And find it very awesome that the Lord found it sweet to share you special people with Tommy and I. Hope to meet your Rock someday… so glad he has met mine! Praise be to the Rock And Blessed be His Name
    Love you guys

    Happy Father’s Day

  5. Tonia

    What a great post. I know we talked before too how your folks are our age as well. Your dad and Mike have a few things in common. Love football (sorry, not the Browns but not the Lions either! :)), hunting for deer and morels!

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