My cousin Luke

It really is amazing to think about the different talents / abilities God’s given us. After seeing this video interview posted by the Lima News with my cousin Luke, I thought I’d share it here. If I were one of the horses, I wouldn’t mess with Luke. Maybe someday I can go hang out with him while he’s working and snap some neat photos – without being “swiped” of course! Do some of your family members do work that falls outside of your abilities?

  1. that is so cool!! He reminds me a lot of Tug! His way of talking and they even look somewhat alike! I’m sure you would get some cool shots!

    I’d say many of my family members do things that fall way outside my abilities…probation officer is a big one!

  2. That’s awesome. And yes, he and Tug could be brothers! I don’t know too many people who are great artists AND good at shoeing horses.

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