M is for Marla

misformarlaA few humble tips for hopefully everyone through this post. If you’re married, it’s a grand idea not to wait until February 14th every year to make an impression on your spouse. I’m definitely not the king of romance, but I do know that there’s more to romance than roses and chocolate. My wife loves words. Obviously, after having four books published you’d probably be able to guess that one, right? It’s not on her priority list to become famous or a best-seller. She takes what God gives her and her only prayer is to impact lives for Christ alone. What I enjoy hearing most from Marla’s readers (books and blog) is that she shares without sounding like she knows it all. She’s been through things others are ready to go through. Might not have handled it perfectly, but still lets Christ use her experiences as He chooses.

That leads us to what happened this past day. I know she loves words so much. And I know that now more than ever! I knew having a nice blog could mean (maybe) more than roses and chocolate to her. She loves to blog and connect with others across the world. She’s made new friends and actually organized two annual face-to-face gatherings for the ladies she’s met. Since December of 2005 we’ve been able to (yes, even me) learn from what Marla has shared on her blog. Through each of her 705 blog entries and the 11,374 comments that people have responded with. I thought I was an average blogger with my 295 posts, lol.

It’s been awesome to see God use her blog. So awesome that we decided to move her over to her own website (I’ll keep the terms not-so-technical) at www.MarlaTaviano.com this morning. If you’re curious why it took from 10pm to 4am to make the move, feel free to check out this link. We used steps 1-5, skipped a few steps and completed with steps 23-34. It’s a process of moving over all of the entries and comments from the Xanga blog platform to WordPress. That took 10 minutes, but for some reason Xanga uses the date as the blog title. So Marla and I coordinated on re-naming the 705 blog titles, and also filtering them into the specific category(s) they belonged to. I would love to have you, or your wife, visit the new blog. If you enjoy what you see there, I’m sure you’ll enjoy her books even more! We’ve hopefully made subscribing an easy process (by RSS or email) on both of our new blogs. Thanks so much for connecting with either of us through our blogs. We enjoy hearing from yours just as much! Feel free to share your blog address if you’re new around here!

  1. Hey, handsome! I could never thank you enough for all you do for me. You speak love languages I never knew I had. Can you say b-l-e-s-s-e-d? I love you!

  2. Chris Yoder

    Thanks for being the answer to my prayer for a godly husband for my daughter! You're a blessing to my heart!:)

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