Livi and Ava on the podcast

Our two oldest (of three) daughters, Livi and Ava, got to be on the podcast tonight. They share how they are preparing to celebrate the birth of their Savior, review the Nativity Story movie, give tips on Christmas gifts and activities and even some advice on how to reach other people with the news of Christ during this season.

If you have iTunes and listen to podcasts regularly there is a link on the site for that, but you can also easily listen to it by clicking Open Our MP3 Player on the bottom right of the website. This newest episode will begin streaming through and you can listen to the other episodes in the list later there as well.

If you live near Columbus, OH you will definitely want to check out Picktown Lights. It’s a street of 15 houses that have their lights synchronized to music that you hear through the radio in your vehicle. The girls loved it. You can view a video of what it looks like below.


Thanks for checking in! Have a great time celebrating Christ this weekend!!!

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