Lives filled with Joy

Our oldest daughter, Olivia Joy, turned 4 yesterday……you would think it was my birthday since I am feeling so much older. Mom always makes custom cakes for her grandkids’ birthdays upon request. Livi is very much into the princess stuff these days (crowns, wands, earrings, rings, shoes, dresses, and even sometimes makeup). So she decided to have 3 small cakes stacked on top of each other as the dress with a Barbie doll stuck inside the cake. Livi’s request for lunch was chinese food, so I couldn’t really complain? She has had a great week, full of a few nice parties, great times with family……and a princess dress-up part with her friends this next week. The girls love to spend time with Grandma, so she picked them up and they get to bash at her place for two nights. Now that my birthday is two weeks past, Marla and I get to eat at tonight for a celebration, and why not stop at while in Columbus? Sounds like a crazy week……it was, but well worth it.

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