Let it snow


It’s winter in the midwest and the snow plows are out like rabid rabbits. I’ve decided this year not to get all frantic about the roads and traffic, but to enjoy taking the girls outside, the scenery, the christmas tree, and most definitely the celebration of Christ. Who cares if my car gets stuck……there’s enough gas in it to keep us warm until help comes, lol. Who cares what presents I get……..God’s provided everything I need yesterday, today and for quite some time to come. The spirit of Christmas isn’t about the buzz that society brings folks…….it’s not about the booz parties, the shopping sprees or the XMAS title, lol. Happy Holidays just doesn’t cut it for me – how about celebrating CHRISTmas?

Last night on the long drive home from a Christmas banuqet I was talking to Marla and just trying to figure out how folks miss the meaning of Christmas. How do they miss the fact that carolers always have sung songs like Silent Night and O Little Town of Bethlehem, but people think they can come up with these fuzzy songs like All I Want For Christmas Is You and Rockin Around the Christmas Tree? Those songs are all fun and all, but there isn’t a phrase in them that even celebrates a second of the birth of Christ. And that one second of focus away from the true meaning leads to an entire season of it. We had a blast out in the snow this morning – lets enjoy the meaning of the season this year?

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