Labor Day

Marla’s been having the REAL contractions for over a day now, and the most intense one just a minute ago. They’re around 7-8 minutes (sometimes a little more) apart, so I think we’re going to head to the hospital soon! She’s had a few weeks of the fake contractions (still too real for me of course), so it’s been a little frustrating for her as she wants to go to the hospital knowing she has the baby. Nothing’s worse than making a trip there and being told they aren’t real. I’ll be sure to post some pics within the next few days of Nina Gabriel! Those doctors better be right……..we’re ready for our third girl! Pray for Marla and Nina……God is so amazing!

  1. God is good! What a blessing it is to see a little miracle, called a child. We are excited for you and pray the Lord will continue to be with you.

    His Servants,

    Dan & Steph

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