Kissing on the first date – take two

Looks like the same pic from the January 11th blog huh? I was on my way out the door on my first date with Livi, our oldest daughter (5 years). Marla demanded again that there be no kissing on my first dates with both older girls, but Livi followed Ava’s steps and gave me a wet one before we made it to the door. Livi chose to go to the library and pick out 15 books, 3 movies and a magazine…….head to the bank, Wal-Mart for groceries, Arby’s drive-thru for lunch………and back home with all the goodies. I’ve had a bunch of fun on both dates with the girls. It’s amazing how much girls desire love from their father. I’ve heard so many stats about girls that are never hugged, loved, touched, or kissed by their dads that lead to all of the issues down the road with the men that enter their lives. Those are the stats that mean something……..not the stats like Kobe Bryant’s 81 points in a basketball game this week. Imagine if those of us who know which goals need to be reached actually started trying to at least take a few steps towards them? I fail quite often that’s for sure…….but am thankful to the examples as fathers that I can follow. This dating thing could work out – I’ll keep ya posted!

  1. just touched me…… Your Mom…to see how sincere YOU are to touch YOUR Daugther…. I am more proud of you now…..without a uniform than I ever was ,  with !

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