Kissing on the first date – take one

I decided to start taking my two older daughters on dates this week……..each getting an hour or two every other week. The first date belonged to Ava, our middle daughter who is 3. I asked her where she wanted to go on our first date and she said The Green Park. We live within walking distance of another park, so anytime we get to drive to The Green Park it’s unique I guess. My first thought was how cold it was outside, but how could I let that get between us? If this was Marla and I’s first date I wouldn’t have turned down a date due to temperature, so why change with the girls? We had a great time at the park, the bank, and picking out a special cheap gift at Wal Mart for Ava.

Her mother demanded there be no kissing on our date, but she knew this might be her one chance in her entire life that she could get away with kissing against her parents’ rules…… was a wet juicy one too! I’ll be sure to post next week when I take Livi, our 5 year-old out to some mysterious destination.

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