Kindle 2, iPhone or traditional book?

kindlewelcomeAmazon’s really done a great job with the Kindle (now version 2). For those that are curious what a Kindle is, it’s basically an electronic handheld device that can hold lots of books. You can take 20 books with you by carrying a product that’s lighter and easier to carry than just one book.

You purchase a Kindle version of available books through and the iPhone app synchronizes with Amazon via wifi or web connection. The Kindle device has been appealing for my wife (author), but the biggest drawback is that it just isn’t a book. She really enjoys going to the library and just bringing a book home (FOR FREE). Today Amazon announced an iPhone application that lets the iPhone be a “smaller Kindle”. I just downloaded the app and tested it out. The book purchase / free sample process is easy. Here are a few quick thoughts Marla and I had while checking it out.

  1. The text is easy to read, but the pages take time to load. Simpler to flip through a book
  2. iPhone is bright and would probably be hard on the eyes after too long. Good for short readings
  3. You could easily read for a few minutes at night, possibly even better than the Kindle
  4. It would be great for reading a sample during a presentation or message you are giving
  5. The price (iPhone app is free) is much more affordable than the Kindle 2

kindlemarlaAmazon has made two of my wife’s books available (screenshot to right is of one on the iPhone Kindle app). You can check them out here. Props to Amazon for offering the app for free. You can sample books or purchase them quickly, with the iPhone wirelessly synchronizing to the web to check for your new downloads. I’m definitely not an avid reader, but my wife (who is one) and I have agreed that having a traditional book in your hands seems to be the easiest and most enjoyable. Of course we haven’t tested the Kindle ourselves yet! If you use a Kindle or Kindle 2, it would be great to hear your thoughts on using the device. Better yet, hearing your thoughts on the device compared to the iPhone app if you have both!

PRAYING for two older daughters as they have returned to school after days of being sick. PRAISING God for giving my wife her best morning yet from her headaches / pains.

  1. Thanks for the review!

    I have a 1st Gen Kindle and love it for many reasons. I read about five books at a time and I travel, so the size is definitely a plus.

    From all I’ve seen, the Kindle 2 is MUCH better than the first edition. Amazon seems to have listened to the complaints/criticisms of the Kindle 1 and made adjustments.

    I think the iPhone app will allow people to dip their toe in the Kindle waters before they decide to take the plunge and purchase a Kindle of their own.

    Thanks again for the review, Gabe! You and Marla rock!

  2. I agree. Big ups to Amazon for making a smart app. I think the kindle is nice, but the price is a bit much. a kindle at that price with a subscription service would seem a bit more enjoyable.

  3. I just got a Kindle 2 last week, and I’m really enjoying it. I, too, read several books and my backpack has definitely gotten lighter. I also like the ease and speed of accessing new books through Amazon.

  4. I’ve tried the Iphone App Stanza when I can’t sleep (reading Persuasion or Pride and Prejudice does the trick), but can’t get used to not turning the page… or being able to write notes/thoughts in the margin. I may give Kindle a try. Now, if Logos came up with an iphone app… brilliance.

  5. I like how you picked the mildest paragraph in the entire book to use on your blog. Good choice. The rest could be a bit embarrassing for you. 🙂

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