Italians on retirement

I got to talk to my great Uncle Joe at the funeral yesterday. He’s 86 years old, and has always been lots of fun to chat with. He transferred from the Italian army to the US army in his early 20s. He first arrived in Boston, then onto New Jersey, and finally here to Ohio (Lima – where the rest of my family resides). He and my grandfather, who passed when I was young, were hard workers. Yesterday he let me know that they would drive to Columbus (where I live now – maybe 90 minutes from his home) to find work. He’s as energetic as I can ever remember him, and there are rumors that he still gets on the roof and fixes things up.

workdiceThere are two things I love about my family (and Italians in general). They’re hard workers and they have enough love for all of the other nationalities combined. Retirement is always something that baffles me. Many people save up money so they can move to Florida, chill out under a nice fan or go out and pick up shells on the beach, LOL. I guess a few also find a life of golf to be their dream or aspiration. Sure, you can’t work AS HARD your entire life, but I think it’s great to hear that someone like Uncle Joe can still enjoy work. The funeral yesterday reminded me that tomorrow can worry about itself. I praise God that I love what I do, even though it’s challenging at times. I’m thankful for the life God has given me, and want to live today as the “ends and not the means to the end”. Retirement might happen someday, but losing this life just for a few shells on the beach doesn’t sound like my cup of tea.

PRAYING for my Aunt Yolanda as she goes through the next few days mourning the loss of her only daughter. PRAISING God for allowing my family to hear the gospel yesterday. My bro did such an awesome job with the funeral service!

  1. My granddad is the same way. Works so hard that often times we have to force him away to relax. I hope to have half the energy and spirit he does when I’m his age. Half. Condolences also on your loss.

    PS I’ve switched to Disqus due to some support issues with ID that they would never address. I’m liking it 5x more than ID.

  2. janelle

    Uncle Joe told another joke ( real life ) today.. about a man in Italy when he was going to be baptized…the man was drunk, but he got in the back of the line to be baptized at the River….the pastor said, ” you meet Jesus Christ?” no….the pastor dunked him again…” you meet Jesus Christ? ” no…..the pastor thot, Maybe I dunk you a good one and you meet Jesus Christ”….( ask Tug…he will know…) love you,thanx for coming…meant alot ..

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