If that was terrible…

Daddy and NinaOur youngest (Nina – in photo) turns 3 in just a few hours. Pretty hard to believe for sure. I’ll blog later about some of what happened this past week on our trip to Florida, but wanted to dedicate a post to her first.

I’m pretty sure she could vaguely remember going to the ocean back in August of ’07, so Marla and I were all pretty excited to surprise her and her two sisters with a visit to Little Talbot Beach outside of Jacksonville, FL after our day at the zoo. Her eyes lit up and she was anxious to get out of the seat belt quickly. It was exciting to lift her up over the waves, run and get a little more crazy than usual, and also to hear what she thought of it all. Her mind instantly realized that this was a HUGE (her favorite word) beach and ocean, but that the God she loves created it all. What a reminder to always look at the world with the heart of a child, not letting the world get between us and what God is up to.

When I look back over the last year of her life I have to laugh at the “terrible twos” motto that people talk about. Sure, there were times when she naturally acted up or made things a little harder than when she was a baby. Sure, she’s getting more of a personality that also brings with it maturity and the usual selfishness. But God’s brought a HUGE amount more of laughs and smiles into our lives this past year just by creating Nina the way He did than anything people might consider “terrible”. I’m very thankful that each child is unique, and that God sees us all that way. I pray that I can bring more joy to each of their lives, and do what I can to help Nina grow closer to God and enjoy the life He’s given her. So much more for me to work on than to expect out of others. God is more than good.

  1. The deep press of that kiss….the deep love from her parents…is the greatest way you are showing her GOD.  YOU are wonderful parents to NINA..to AVA…to LIVI…GOD bless them all…and just a special blessing tomorrow to little NINA…she definately touches your heart !

  2. Oh, the love of a daddy for his little girls. You all have one whale of a celebration today!

  3. Love that little girl! I myself can’t believe she is three and she’s not even my child!!! 🙂

    Oh…btw, Erik LOVES your daily mugshot. He looked at it laughed and then said, “Oh..Gabe.” while rolling his eyes. He’s too much! 🙂

    SO glad you guys had a great trip!

  4. Happy 3rd Birthday, Nina!  Papaw and I love you so much!:)  And, Gabe, you are a real blessing to our hearts!  We couldn’t have asked for a more precious daddy for Livi, Ava, and Nina!  We love all you guys a ton!:)

  5. I love that picture of you two!  What a fun picture at the ocean!  You all are so blessed with such a beautiful family.

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