I have a 10 year-old daughter

I woke up this morning, and felt the oldest I’ve ever felt. Not because I turned 34 on Thursday, but because our oldest daughter Olivia turned 10 this morning! When she was born, I remember sitting in the recliner by Marla’s bed and crying for maybe a good hour. Probably the longest I’ve ever cried. One of the happiest moments of my entire life!

It feels crazy to be back to blogging after such a long time off! What I’d like to do today is list 10 things I really enjoy about Livi. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. God has given her an inquisitive mind. She is always wanting to be learning / isn’t scared to try new things. Like trying big rollercoasters years ahead of when her Dad was brave enough!
  2. She enjoys technology and art. Drawing, coloring, iPods, cameras, etc. Not a shocker that this makes me smile!
  3. If she’s done something wrong, she’s normally not too proud of it. She might try to make us understand why she did it (make it seem less terrible), but she is genuinely kind and can tame her wild side fairly quickly.
  4. Livi doesn’t boast about things, and sometimes forgets to even make us aware of what’s happened. Like winning a spelling bee two weeks ago. Maybe she thought I’d be jealous, since I’ve never done that?
  5. Like her Dad, she won’t stop talking about something if it has her interest. If it is on her mind that something will happen, it normally will. That will take you places girl, but stay content! God wants to equip you to change the world using your abilities.
  6. She’s such a tall girl, and can run down a soccer ball in fewer paces than most of her opponents. Or score 4 goals in a game, something I’m also not sure I’ve done!
  7. Her laugh and little voice bring a smile to our house VERY often! She sure can be a funny one.
  8. Livi understands that Jesus was our model of serving others first, and likes to share things when she can.
  9. The girl can eat. And eat. And somehow not gain weight.
  10. We know she loves us, and loves Jesus. There’s nothing more important to me!

Daddy loves you Livi. I’m glad I got to come home and bring you Mr. Wok for lunch today! These next 10 years sure are going to be fun with you.

  1. Mommy loves you too, Livi-girl! Thank you, God, for giving us this precious soul for our daughter!! Happy 10th Birthday, Liver Lou!!

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