How do they do it?

Not attempting a shameless plug, but wanted to open up a bit about how God is working through my wife. After a few days of having the kids on my own throughout our 10 years of marriage, I always am reminded on those days of the courage and dedication of a mother. I honestly don’t know how they do it, let alone along with other things!

My wife has written three books now with Harvest House Publishers, with Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time just releasing last week. It’s been very encouraging to hear how this book stirs emotion and encourages women through the stories and testimonies of those that are going or have gone through the same thing. I thank God that my wife is transparent and isn’t afraid of sharing her troubles or joys that God has brought into her life.No matter what our wives do, we need to encourage them in their walk with the Lord and thank them for even the little things they do. Sometimes we’re men by nature and aren’t even grateful for the toughest things they take on in our houses.Having a child isn’t an easy task!

It would be great if you all could grab this book for your wife (new mom, old mom or future mom). Just $10 including shipping (click on book). Maybe even share it with others through an email or a blog post of your own. Thanks for your friendship! To the men – it’s my prayer that God uses this book for one reason – to encourage your woman and draw her closer to the Lord. I can’t praise God enough for making that happen through the interaction He gives her with others through her writing!

  1. i love your wife, too!  she’s fab!
    and thank you for supporting her in her writing-it encourages the hearts of SO MANY!!

  2. What a nice post!  I think your wife is pretty terrific too and I think it is wonderful how supportive you both are of each other!

  3. Do you really think you could even keep track of my 3, your 3, and gail’s 3 at the indoor playground?  I’m not suggesting that you are inept or anything but keeping track of 9 kids could be a tad difficult.  And we might get just a smidge upset if you would return back home without one of them.

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