Hokie weekend

Well, the trip to the VT game was interesting. We drove through rain 75% of the trip…….maybe 2 hours of downpour. It really poured on our way from VT to the hotel Friday night. We enjoyed taking the day to shop, eat some decent food and be out of the weather for a while. We woke up to much better weather on Saturday. It looked like it might not rain, although the skies were still a darker shade of blue. I’m sure Marla was sick of hearing of my hopes for a nice day. God was good and gave us almost perfect weather for gameday, plus the Hokies beat up on Duke (41-17) so that made it even better. We thought we were in for hurricane weather for the second year in a row. We saw an interesting bumper sticker while we were down there. “God must be a Hokie fan…….why else would the leaves turn orange and maroon in the fall?”.

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