Help! I’m melting.

I have to admit…..this picture makes my heart melt, lol. It’s kind of funny how your own child’s smile can give you that feeling, but no other child can. To see your child enjoying something for the first time is definitely an exciting moment. Marla told me she was going to put Nina’s swing she got at a garage sale up, and even though I was trying to work on the computer……..I couldn’t miss this. I was glad I didn’t. This week on the podcast we had a great discussion about being a father to daughter’s these days. I had to actually apply what I studied, so that was fun. I get to experience another first tomorrow……sending a child onto the bus for their first day of school. I pray Livi’s smile beams like Nina’s did in the picture below!


  1. Too too cute, look at those little toothy pegs (as my Mum used to say)..  Pray that Livi’s first day of school goes well tomorrow 🙂

  2. Nina has the neatest little personality…..I am sure Nina did not see what was coming for her to “get excited” about.  I can only wonder….what Livi will be thinking inside herself on her first bus ride, her first day at school…I thot today, the LORD IS GOING WITH HER…how thankful I am that HE IS.  HE wants to see Nina smile, HE wants see Livi smile, HE wants to see Ava smile..and HE views YOU and Marla the same…”it melts HIS heart….to see YOU enjoy, your own kids, your podcast, airplanes…”  for YOU are HIS OWN dear child… ” a PENSIVE DAY”  smile…I love you all !

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