Happy 30th Birthday to Tug!

gabetugyoungMy bro, Tug Taviano, turns 30 today! Visit his site or send him some birthday wishes through Twitter / Facebook. God’s given Tug a genuine gift of leadership that I haven’t seen in another individual. This week he hosted Skillet for a concert here in Ohio, and it’s been obvious to see each of the concerts the past few years be more and more of a celebration and outreach for God. Skillet returned the favor and blessed Tug by leading the 2,500+ crowd with the best Happy Birthday song ever. I praise God for such an awesome brother, and am excited about what the future holds for him. You’d have to be blind to not realize that God is on the move. After the Skillet concert, maybe deaf too!

ninareeseWe called Tug to wish him a happy day this morning. My 3 year-old daughter, Nina, and I were chatting with him over the web. We pulled up the photo above and he asked her who Tug (right) and I (left) looked like when we were young. She thought I looked like a girl. I guess I had to agree after laughing insanely hard. Glad Tug got a chuckle out of that one! I thought I would post another photo of Nina (left) and Tug’s daughter Reese (right) so you could see the resemblance we have with our children. Happy birthday bro!

PRAYING for the ministries God has Tug involved with. PRAISING God for what He already has in store for Tug, and for the selfless heart He’s given him.

  1. Oh my word! That picture is too funny! Your hair!!!! I had no idea. 🙂 Great to see you the other night. Shan told me of what all God is doing in your life! So awesome.

    Happy birthday Tug!

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