Good time away

We got back from the Smoky Mountains Thursday afternoon, so I decided to get on here and post some pics for you all. We had a great time together as a family seeing some of the most beautiful scenes from God’s creation here in the US. Hope you all have enjoyed this all as well!

Ava and Livi in front of one of the many great views.

The two hikers and their sticks returning from another waterfall.

My ladies bring a smile to every day of my life.

The girls enjoyed following Mom to the waterfalls.

Holding on to Mommy and Daddy a little tighter than normal.

We were glad  Mommy and the little one stayed below the cold clouds.

Two of the nine bears we saw on the trip.

Ten feet from a big buck – brave girls!

A good mix of fall and winter in the mountains.

  1. Gabe,   Thanks for taking a picture of the buck I am going to get this year,  go “bucks”…..your Dad

  2. Gabe,  Technology… connects the family……thanx for sharing, God truly blessed you all the way around….look at the faces of your girls………how cool. The bucks….God was telling you something…lol

  3. Awww, Lueral Falls! I loved that place…hated the hike, but I was on my honeymoon so it was worth it. And clingman’s dome…at which I cried hysterically because I HATE heights. Brings back memories! Glad you all had a good time! Welcome back! See you soon hopefully!

  4. Those pictures are amazing – it looks so beautiful.  And how gorgeous are all your girls = VERY!!

    Glad you had a great time.  Yeh for holidays (that’s vacation to you 😉

  5. I can see by picture #5 that you are still very conflicted about your choice of who you will turn your (and your families) allegiance to.  The hokies or the bucks.  I will continue to pray as you make this momentous, life-changing decision. 😉

  6. I believe your family…is Browns for life………  same sport different teams…same track different drivers….same life different towns……. different individuals…..SAME Savior…………………AMEN ?   JEsus for life !   smile

  7.      What neat pictures!  You sure have some cute kids!:)  And your wife’s not bad looking, either.:)  I’m so glad you guys got to go, and that you weren’t too tired to come down to Matt’s the next day!  Oh, the energy of youth!:)  Come to think of it, you’re pretty handsome, too.:)

  8. RED WINGS??? Come on! But they’re from. . . the M word! 😛
    I so miss the beauty of the mountains in fall. Thanks for posting the reminder. It makes me think of the first night on my college campus looking up into the Kentucky mountains thinking, “I can’t believe I’m finally here!”
    Is Laurel Falls the one a little ways from the main drag in G’Burg? I’ve hiked that one a couple times since going with Math and Physics club in college. Gorgeous!

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