Goals for the girls

Our oldest daughter Livi (on the right)  had her last soccer game of  the season this week. After playing soccer pretty much my whole life, I understand how you can have a sense of worthlessness unless you either score a goal or help someone score a goal. At the 5 year-old level it’s definitely harder to even get close to the goal most of the time. Some people call it “magnet ball” becuase the kids are all attracted to the ball and don’t stay a certain distance apart (not much passing going on). The coaches here do a great job of teaching spacing much better than most younger leagues I have seen.

I decided to give Livi “challenges” each game. We started out with kicking the ball 4 times, and each game it increased. She shocked me one game by kicking it 12 times when her challenge was still at 8 kicks. Their team tied most of the games (0-0 for the most part), but Livi had something in mind. She told us the evening before her last game that she really wanted to score a goal, which I tried to downplay a bit so she wasn’t crushed if it didn’t happen. It did happen, and in a dramatic way, lol. The coaches are on the field for this age level and help them learn the game by giving them some instruction while playing. The other coach was in the middle of the group of kids in front of the other team’s goal and Livi kicked a good one and hit him right in the shoulder while he was inside of the goal. She was distressed, and told me that didn’t count because the coach kicked it back out. I had to explain to her that he kicked it out to the middle of the field to start the game over, not to keep it from going in the goal. They did start the game with a new kickoff, so that helped her understand that it counted a little, but thanks to her coach – he gave her great encouragement in saying that they were now winning the game. Her and her friend Megan (who ended up scoring 2 goals later in the game) decided the boys could just stick to defense this game………girls rule – boys drool. Well, they better not be drooling too soon……..I wouldn’t take that too well quite yet. I guess it’s safe they were drooling at Dairy Queen after the game…….maybe they liked the ice cream?

  1. I played soccer and remember when I was that small and doing it! Good for her for making that “goal”. By next season she will be all ready to keep scoring! See you tomorrow??

  2. WOO HOOT!  I love soccer and how awesome she scored, maybe she could play for England because currently they ain’t doing so well.  I will give Beckham a call and see what he can do 🙂

    Tell Livi well done from Nixie 😉

  3. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before they become adept at earning red cards, as their father once excelled at doing.

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