Get Shot, Stop Traffick

We have four months until our family of five leaves the country to spend three weeks in Cambodia. Marla and I spent seven days in Phnom Penh last year with Asia’s Hope (see photos here). We currently have $8,010 saved up, and it looks like we’ll need around $13,000. The girls have sold crafts and stuff in our house, Marla has sold books and had a few speaking engagements, and I have worked on a few websites on the side. We’re thrilled to see how God has allowed us to get this close without directly “asking for money from people.”

And this is where you come in. I am starting to transition to doing more photography (now that I have adequate gear), and I’d like to use those talents to help us reach the goal. I am inviting 10 families, over the course of the next four months, to book a one-hour photo session for $100. You will get to keep all of the digital images, and I will also advise on some printing options if you would like help with that.

Half of the money raised from these sessions ($500) will go toward our goal, and the other half ($500) will go directly toward the work that God is doing through Asia’s Hopeis in Cambodia, Thailand, and soon-to-be India. If interested, message me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or using the contact form here on my site. I guess you could also leave a comment below – wow.

Let your friends know that they also have the chance to Get Shot and Stop Traffick!

  1. Jen Gross

    We would love to do this. Do you do the photos at a studio or could we suggest an outdoor location?

    • Jen – either is fine with me. I would leave that up to you. How many would be included in the shoot? Thanks for the comment, excited about this!

  2. Jen Gross

    We have 5 in our family but I was thinking maybe just the boys. We homeschool and this would be fun for school pics. We just went to Hayden Falls off of Hayden Run by Griggs reservoir and it is an amazing spot for photos. It is very accessible now that there is a walkway down to the waterfall. What do you think?

    • That’s pretty crazy – I was just looking at Hayden Falls on the map this week, thinking that it might be a great spot for a photo shoot sometime. Sounds great to me. When would you like to do this?

  3. Too bad you’re several states away. This would be great.

    Do you have a page, PayPal account or something else where people can just donate to help you guys out?

  4. Courtney Prall

    Yes! We’d like to book! 🙂 We have a park across the street…some on our porch. We’ll have to work on a date. yay

  5. Jen Gross

    Can you do week days? We could probably do like a Wednesday. I will have to check with my husband and see what works best for him.

  6. Jen Gross

    Do you have time this saturday? Our evenings are usually full of sports stuff and church club and we are getting ready to have our weekends full too. We don’t have anything Saturday this week or even like Sunday after church.


    We would love to do a shoot. I am expecting at the end of September, and I have a 1 year old. I would like some shots of her, but also some of the preggy belly and her. Interested? Weekends or weeknights work best for us.

    • Lindsey – awesome! Are you in central Ohio? Mind giving me a timeframe on which week would work best? I’ll pencil you in now as shoot #10. Thanks!

  8. Jen Gross

    Ok I just talked to my husband and he said this weekend is not good. He wants to work it in on a Saturday in Sept when we don’t have games. We will be getting the schedules soon so as soon as I do I will get ahold of you and set up our appointment. Sound good?

    • Jen – that’s fine. I’ll mark you down for September and will wait to hear from you on which day works best. Thanks!

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