In case some of you haven’t heard – I have accepted a position with http://www.hondrosonline.com in the northeast area of Columbus, OH (just over an hour from here). From what I understand, the company started offering professional education for the real estate industry over 20 years ago and has now ventured into the financial investing and insurance fields. In the past few years they have begun an online learning department and a friend I worked with at another company started there maybe two months ago. He got me in for the interview and I had a job 4 days later. I’ll be utilizing Flash for their online system and courseware and also implementing audio and video. I’m sure there will be many more things I’ll be doing, but that’s a taste of it.

God let this position flop into my lap. I wasn’t even out job searching or anything, but God knew that this was a good company with good people, and an opportunity that would give my family much more stability. In case you aren’t too aware of it – being self employed also requires you to pay for your own benefits and lose money if you take a vacation or holiday (since you aren’t being paid during those days). It’s definitely comfortable to work from home and see your family and all, but the amount of responsibility isn’t comfortable. I’m very thankful for the clients God has allowed me to work with and will continue working with a handful of them on the side – on a smaller scale. I start work on the 30th of this month. If you could pray for the housing transition and for us to find the right school for Livi that would be magnificent.

  1. I will most definitely be praying! I’m sad you guys will be farther away, but this is such a great opportunity! Congrats!

  2. Isn’t God awesome at how he just “flops” jobs in our laps without even asking? Praying about the house and school, God already knows so that’s a relief!  Now we’ll have you guys to visit when we go to Bd’s!

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