Fraud is German

The spelling of the word FRAUD kind of looks German to me. Like bratwurst, sauerkraut, autobahn, fahrvergnügen, blitzkrieg, geiger, grosswetterlage, audi, etc. You get the point I guess? Any word that has a bunch of either Gs, Us, Ks or Fs has a good chance of being German. Tonight I am pointing this nationality out because one of their citizens decided to somehow get a hold of our check card number (VISA) and take a $3,900 vacation with it! We usually don’t have that much in the account, but I guess they were waiting for us to get there, lol.

REHAB has to be a German word too? If it’s not, then it is now. Our bank (Huntington) will take care of the issue I am sure……when they open tomorrow at 8 am and receive a call from me wondering if they opened a new branch of the bank in Berlin, Stutgart or whatever other bratwurst filled name of a city they might have chosen. Some freak shows just have nothing better to do than to figure out immoral and immature ways of getting things they want quickly, without having to sacrifice for a second. I have to be honest and say that the only reason I hope their cruise boat doesn’t sink on their little get-a-way is because there is a soul inside of their body that needs to come to grips with its Creator. You sometimes really wonder why God wasted time on creating our sinful human race. I rest in peace tonight and will inform you tomorrow of what news we find out! Only God could calm many storms that come our way………and for that I am extremely grateful.

  1. That sucks about the stolen money! Praying everything goes well for you guys. Will the bank give you the money back? Or insurance or something?

  2. Thanks to a great bank – the money is already back in the account! Thanks for praying – God is in control!

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