Florida, here we come!

We just returned late tonight from a fun day with my family for Christmas and are packing (and blogging) and heading to bed for an early start on the 14 hour journey tomorrow to Florida. I had to snap my daily mugshot for the day, which is now part of the animation you see on the left of my blog (feel free to slow it down and see all of my insane mugs if you’re bored!We’ll be making stops at the Jacksonville Zoo, Sea World, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, Busch Gardens, and the Miami Metro Zoo in the next 11 days.

Yes, we’re a bit crazy, but we’re seeing that is where God wants us. The ways that this trip have come together (you can read them in Marla’s book when it comes out) are nothing short of obvious examples that He is in control and is still eager to work in our lives today. The girls are looking forward to seeing HUHHHHHYOUGE whales (as Nina puts it with arms spread open wide), contemplating going on a first real rollercoaster at Busch Gardens (Livi slips through at the 54″ mark but we’ll see when we get there), many great animals and making more memories.

Praise God for what He’s already done along with us, and we’d be thrilled to have you pray for us as we travel and stretch ourselves through this pretty intense trip. Health is something we’re grateful for at the moment, and we’d be so thankful to make it through this trip and just be tired when we return. I hope you all had a great Christmas and I look forward to what God has in store for us all in 2009!

  1. Hope the trip rocks your socks off! Love to you, Marla and the girls. LOVE that you are making this investment in your family! These are the memories they’ll remember…..

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