Does it get any better?

Just thought I would finally start posting blogs again. I’ve been away for quite a while – mostly because I have been busy and have been eating too much turkey. I had a chance to visit with friends in Marthon, FL (Florida Keys) for a week and now have three new web projects from that trip. Marla’s been busy doing some freelance writing, so we decided that we would get me a new laptop (split the price), so she could have a decent system to work on. Funny thing is, she was doing this same type of freelance work the last time I got a new laptop. The girls have been enjoying life this month and Livi turns 4 tomorrow!!! I’ll post a pic tomorrow for her birthday. Thought you might enjoy taking a peek at the new Dell Inspiron 9200 system. It’s good to be back! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!

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