Days like these

I have to admit……I know their songs by heart! I can’t say I am their biggest fan, but I do have to admit we’re going to be rockin’ the house tomorrow night! The Wiggles are coming to town. I’m sure Disney topped the charts, but the girls are definitely ready for this one. We’ve discussed how they came all the way from Australia to Columbus, whether or not they will be driving their big red car, if Dorothy the Dinosaur is extinct or if she’ll grace us with her appearance, and whether or not we’re ready to board the ship with Captain Feathersword. It’s just a trip seeing kids just get all full of anticipation. I need a really big break from this podcast stuff, and these four colorfuls from down under had better bring it too! If they don’t I guess I still have the Nascar race this weekend to look forward to. It’s funny how different these two events are, but they both bring the same type of glee to my family’s lives. Thanks God for giving us things to enjoy together!

  1. thumbs up for the wiggles.

    1. Because they are from Australia

    2. They have fun with kids

    Have a great time 😉

  2. 3. Turns out, they aren’t gay after all. At least one of them is married, because his wife owns a cafe close to Han. 🙂

  3. Alike?

    1.  Both are brightly colored 2.  Male Dominated 3. Loud 4. Gets people on their feet 5.  Spinning “out”  6. When it is over…all the people go home with the excitement of a good time.

    Have a blast….. you deserve it…and the girls deserve…and this weekend Marla deserves it too….  Maybe I will take Nina on a gator ride and Nina deserves it !

  4. I looked on their website. Three are married with two kids apiece. The other (purple guy I think) is single, no kids. It’s in the FAQs, so it must be a common question! (They still creep me out, Marla!)

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