Date with daughter Nina

Hope you enjoy walking through my big date with our youngest daughter Nina in the video below. We’ve had quite a few of the times together, but it was nice today to be able to capture some of the highlights. It’s my prayer that fathers-to-be or new fathers learn the same lesson I learned 6 years ago. Date your daughters while they’re young. They’ll sure feel special, loved, and will know what to expect in the years that aren’t too far ahead. What are some memories like this of yours, as a parent or child?


  1. Bill Jaimez

    Nice, almost makes me wish I had a little girl instead of 3 stinking little boys.

  2. janelle

    How neat…..God will let you reap , the seed you are sowing now….when she walks down the isle with a true man of GOD…” just like her Daddy “……. thank YOU , JESUS

  3. Chris Yoder

    Wow! How precious! Keep up the good work, Daddy!:) Love you both!:)

  4. Gabe, I have heard about fathers taking their daughters out on dates before and the reason is consistent with your thought here. We (fathers) are often times the first male contact our children have with the opposite sex.
    I find it meaningful that Jesus teaches us to call God, father. But for so many people who grew up without a father (in the home) thinking of God in that way is more painful than peaceful.
    Not only are you modeling for your girls manhood and chivalry, but you are also teaching them about receiving love from the Father. Keep pressing on. And keep in mind that I have three boys. We can have a contract written up today!

  5. Rich – your fellas can sure get in line for the girls now if they’d like. Since I like you, maybe they can even cut to the front, LOL. Thanks for the encouragement and the laugh!

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