Crashed, but didn’t burn!

We flew the Stryker twice this weekend. Marla and the girls were at my cousin Lori’s shower most of Friday evening, so Tug and I flew it at a school in Lima. I finally got it to fly for at least 30 seconds before crashing it nose-first onto a road (you can see that the prop basically pulled itself and the foam around it off of the body in the pic below). I spent maybe 30 minutes on it Saturday with some epoxy glue and packing tape to secure the nose back on. Sunday afternoon we had Ava’s 3rd birthday party at my Grandparents’ house. After a few 15 second flights I was able to trim it out and fly for a few minutes – including a couple of rolls, loops and other maneuvers before crashing it into the bean field. After another piece of tape we tried to fly it without a nose, lol. It actually flew for maybe 20 seconds before crashing again near the road. Time to get out the epoxy and give it a new tape job. This plane is fun to learn with!

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