Clowning around

We all enjoyed “The Biggest Show on Earth” – thanks to Marla’s cousin watching Nina for us!

Maybe we can work for the Ringling Bros.?

Elephants that enjoy painting – only at a circus….

The Greatest Women on Earth

Elephants hold hands more than humans do

Friendly clowns made the girls night

  1. neat shots !  neat noses…. neat animals…. neat family !  Look how they look alike…. Marla, Ava & Livi….not the clown !

  2. I wondered (from Marla’s description) how Nina fit in the excursion. Now I know! Thanks for the great shots!

  3. clowns freak me out.

    I should have commissioned that elephant to do the ‘art’ for our new place….

    Looks like lots of good times were had…

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