Christmas Morning 2006

The girls were excited to finally find out which gift was their gold (the best), frankincense (celebrate Jesus), and myrrh (for the body) gifts this morning. It was fun to talk about how Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem and the angels told the shepherds to go celebrate the birth of Jesus. Praise God for the gift He gave us……happy birthday Jesus!

Christmas Eve dance in the stockings!

Learning to read just got more fun!

Thanks to Patty for making these gifts!

You know you want a hug Daddy…

You don’t have to tell me twice!

I’ll smile whether you are ready or not!

  1. Here comes NINA…….  neat time for you guys…how fun…  Little house on the prairie……………..etc….cool pictures

  2. Awwwwwwww!!!! I need to be near to SQUEEZE the faces off your girlies (in a very gentle, kind manner of course)!!!

    I try try try to listen to your podcast, but it cuts out sooo much, even on my work computer. Can I download it? I want to hear the girls and your interview with Red. How nice is it that I give GRITS and Red bazillions of minutes of airtime every day, and get no interviews. Sheesh. (Oh- It might be because I ignore emails from their label peeps…) GRITS were here in SoFlo Saturday, but I couldn’t make it to the show.

    Let me know if you need any Gah-bey’sMac imaging! 🙂    

  3. Yeah, cars stink… but I think only if they’re old and stupid. And Korean. Kyla had a Deawoo that was worse than my KIA (if that’s possible).

    Imaging, like spots, liners, promos (i.e. “You’re listening to Gah-bey’s super cool podcast! Stay tuned for fun interviews that even the most prestigious radio stations can’t book!” heehee).

    What’s also super fun is taking interviews and editing them so that the band members say horrific things. I love doing that! 🙂

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