Batman Begins 400

Dad, Mom, Tug and I all drove up to the Michigan International Speedway this weekend for the NASCAR race – the Batman Begins 400. We definitely walked our legs off, but all had a great time getting deaf and cheering for our drivers. None of them won of course. They didn’t even come close, lol. The Batmobile running in the front of the field as the pace car doesn’t happen too often. Batman had the privilege of commanding the drivers to start their engines. Livi and Ava love screaming at the top of their lungs – “Gentlmen, start your engines!”, so I recorded Batman for them to watch when we got home. They couldn’t believe the real Batman did that! I was very thankful that God gave us great weather for the entire day! If you don’t think NASCAR is a sport, try picturing yourself driving 200 mph within inches of another car for 3-4 hours every Sunday. I don’t understand how people can be so negative towards a sport they’ve never seen in person.

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