Ava and her big week

Ava started the week with a big desire to get 7 inches of her hair cutoff – with only one other really small trim happening in her 5 years. It’s really neat to see her get excited about big things like that, but even better to see her happy with her haircut from Mom!

It was also fun this week to watch them save their allowance for a month or two for their second Webkinz. I thought I’d take the two older ones out for a preview shopping spree, with 4 stores within 10 minutes having Webkinz available……you never know which of the stuffed animals will be at which store, lol. We found a new one for both of them that they really liked, but they had to wait it out another day or so until they got their allowance (this morning) from this week. Ava is now the proud owner of a White Terrier Little Kinz and Livi of a Baby Blue Hippo Little Kinz. Interesting way for me to connect with them since they are able to type in the code, adopt the Webkinz online and build their rooms and feed and “parent” them.

We’ve been waiting for Ava’s first tooth to get loose enough, but she really didn’t seem like she wanted to wait too much longer. I usually helped Livi with her teeth, but Marla got the request to give Ava’s bottom tooth a few tugs and out it came. Ava’s known to be a brave one! She was thrilled and is anxiously awaiting her first visit by the Tooth Daddy! Feels like I was just doing this almost 3 years ago in this blog about Livi?

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  1. Cut What a cute picture of Ava! Did you happen to get my facebook message a while back about GodsMac? Praying for you and your family!

  2. OK…myfavorite family picture was the second one…what a likeness to you all!  🙂

    I can’t even remember when my children lost their first teeth…I do remember the first visit to the orthodontist though!

  3. WHen my kids get loose teeth, I will NOT be the one dealing with them. That is one area that I simply cannot handle…it totally and completely grosses me out. Yuck. Gross. Can’t even think about it anymore. Gross.

    Hope you two have a blast tonight. Perhaps it will make up for the not-so-wonderful morning at the dentist! Love ya!

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