A walk in the park

I had one of the best times with one of my daughters I have ever had last night. Ava was turning four today, and knowing I wouldn’t see her until around 5:30 or so this evening – I wanted to give her a special time sometime…..so last night it was. I asked her if she wanted to go on a special date with just me and her……..and to see her eyes light up and get excited really makes life worth living. I asked her where she wanted to go and she said “on a walk”.

So off we went down the road to the park. She had a blast – on my shoulders as we walked through tree branches and on top of the rocks through the creek. She was laughing hysterically until we got into the creek…….but I was able to talk her into getting down and touching the water. Off to the park to swing and onto Dairy Queen for a cherry covered vanilla cone! She wanted to be on my shoulders again on the way home – so we made that happen through some soreness, lol. I think one of the greatest things God has given us is time – and why not use it to give those you care about most undivided attention? God has done quite a good job as a model for us fathers…….some days I really do understand that He loves our attention!

Oh yeah – I thought I’d share a recent photo of Tony Stewart (http://www.tonystewart.com) fishing over at Eldora Speedway a few weeks back. The race was rained out and postponed, but it was fun to chat with Tony and see how laid back he is.

  1. That picture of you and Ava is priceless. Thank you for cherishing each and every one of your little ladies (and the big one, too!) We love you!

  2. Lovely pic and great story which I read on your wife’s blog.  You have very cute little girls.

  3. Hey Gabe…Allison Martin, camp staff back in the day my third summer was probably when you were there. And then I think I emailed you about a year ago when Reid Monaghan moved to Nashville where I live and we somehow realized we both knew you! How random. I had no idea you were doing so much design for music industry stuff either–very cool! I’m working at EMICMG (Sparrow/Forefront) now and will start spreading your name around here too 🙂 I found the other Scioto blogring and joined and then saw you. Anyway, I thought I’d say hello again and hope all is well for you and your family!

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