A lesson from George


I get really fed up with people sometimes. The people that say one thing and do another – maybe those that think they owe everyone else nothing – or the kind that
always gloss over the personal side of things and can fake everyone out like everything’s just a bed of roses. I’m sure there are people that get under your skin as well…..I pray I’m not one of them. If you’re reading this blog I am guessing that isn’t true, unless you’re really messed up!

I’ve been extremely busy the past two months – busier than I’ve ever been. Life just seems like it is almost too full right now. And to top it off I am getting a vasectomy in less than a month. That just makes me full of glee. I could hold of this responsibility and state of being fed up all inside of me or take a step back and figure something out.

Today I learned a lesson in an odd way. I took my two older daughters out on our second double-date. We enjoyed checking out Curious George at the local theatre. It was cool to see how this little animated monkey could make an impression on me without ever having to say a word.

I could get all angry at the people that get under my skin. I could get really overwhelmed and worried about meeting every single deadline for every single client. OR I could realize that the Bible is so true – in Matthew 6:34 – when it says tomorrow will worry about itself. What will someone think of me tomorrow? What do I have to do tomorrow? Who do I have to talk to tomorrow? What could I do better tomorrow? I think the big question is – WHAT IS TODAY?

TODAY to me is showing my daughters they are special in God’s eyes. TODAY to me is staring into my 7 week-old daughter’s eyes and, for the first time, smiling at each other without any words needed. TODAY to me is being more anxious about the release of my wife’s first book in a week than I am about any project that is on my plate. TODAY to me is knowing that Christ could return before I finish this blog. How can some animated monkey relax and get so much joy out of life and that be impossible for us? It’s amazing what lessons each day will bring. God didn’t give us this life to make it through tomorrow. He gave it to us to make the most out of what we have now. What do you have now that makes today special? Feel free to comment below!

  1. WOW!  How well put.  I heard someone else say somewhat of a similar point the other day about the movie.  I guess I am going to have to watch it.  And, the points that you made about today and tomorrow are really quite true.

    Here is a small “nugget” that someone shared with me some time ago.  I will modify it a little for you since you work at home.  While you are working at home, I am assuming that you are working in an office.  That is your “work domain”.  When you leave your “work domain”, leave all things associated with it in that room.  Make the doorway that point.  I do the same thing.  I drive the say way home every day.  There is a certain river that I drive over every day on my way home.  When I hit that bridge, I stop worrying about the things at work.  That doesn’t mean that I forget that they are there, but it does help me in ensuring that they don’t effect me later in the day.  I hope this (along with Curious George) will help you as much as it has helped me the past several years.

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