Your time is money

Have you ever realized that the more time you spend trying to make money for yourself you have to spend even more of it later on to make yourself content. It never stops. It’s a loop that is impossible to get out of. Today I was able to take time out of the day and put it towards the aspirations of someone else. I can’t tell you the joy that I got out of doing that. No matter how interesting, odd, or exciting our lives are, I believe all of us become bored with ourselves in time if we admit it. Isn’t it interesting that God created the world for us to share? He could have easily placed each one of us in our own galaxy if He wanted to. Especially since some scientists have spent their lives trying to find the end of the universe, but always ending up blinking and finding a star further away. There’s probably someone in your life that could benefit from you taking time out of your day to share with them. Maybe it’s someone you don’t know? It’s definitely not you……

  1. Gabe the wise!

    That is what I going to call you, because you have become very wise at your old age…….but, I do agree with you.

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