You can’t bring me down!

I know Satan doesn’t want this podcast to happen, because over 140 people from Saskatchewan to Australia visited this blog today and I only had one person sign up to be contacted about the podcast – and that’s a figure that would usually tick someone like me off for even wasting a minute thinking about doing something like this. These are the games Satan wants to play. I haven’t wanted many things to happen quite like I do this – and I think that’s because God does too. It’s not you that I am blaming – you’re somewhat interested in my life otherwise you wouldn’t even waste time reading this? Marla made me aware that most of you will probably be up to at least checking the weekly podcast / mp3 out once I start putting them out here for you. Your time is precious and that’s my final answer.

God has made it evident through a couple of people seeing the need for this type of ministry, especially over 10 people that I have signed up for interviews already. I know God can move mountains without the need of one person, so who am I to think He couldn’t make this happen even without me? He’ll make this work whether I choose to get down about it or not. I just need to make sure I don’t let Satan uses things like lack of feedback to get me down. The only feedback I need is from the Lord and that’s more than enough for me to do a year’s worth of recording and interviewing. Maybe God just needed to get me fired up, lol. Most of you have never met me, let alone have ever seen the side of me where intensity isn’t a question. Those that do know me probably have seen my shy and quiet side too often, lol. Satan likes that shy guy too much…….I’m sure there’s a part of all of us he’s glad to get a hold of every now and again.

Thanks to one of my favorite bands – – for the blog topic / following lyrics:

See today isn’t back in the day anymore
I know a little more than I did before
So don’t forget before you try bringing me down
What goes around always comes back around

  1. My minister started our church with a vision and one other person. About ten years later we have 100 plus regulars to our church. He dreamed big but in reality, only started small. Now his dream is alive and thriving! I hope you can gain some encouragement from that – even if a little?

    Those lyrics sound like they’re talking about karma ‘what goes around always comes back around’….what is that suppose to mean?

    Good on you for not being discouraged!

  2. I think the lyrics are saying to Satan – mess with me now, but I’m not going to stop messing with you. That we need to recognize we are in a battle, and God has allowed us to have a better understanding of things. The more we rely on Him to get us through it, the earlier we will feel less of a struggle from Satan’s efforts.

  3. God gave me what HE wants me to do….. 3 years ago……………….. nothing yet.  HE has a burning desire in preach….nothing yet….2 months ago…. And now you……Satan hopes in the “waiting” period…..that we lose or intensity, our passion our drive from the Holy Spirit.  But all we are required…is to SEEK THE LORD diligently everyday….. the time period ?  That is in the LORD’s hands…. easy to say…hard to practice…. I too, will not give in to Satan’s Schemes to take me off course.  When nothing else is happening…STAND….. Just STAND FIRM…

  4. Gabe,

    So awesome to hear from you. I’m glad you found me! Excellent stuff man. Where in OHIO are you again?

  5. Pillar rocks. Definitely not talking about karma. Pillar is the heavy metal hammer of God. 🙂

    Hm… I wonder if you could use some pillar licks as the sound bed for your podcast.

    I don’t have an iPod, Gabe, but I do download padcasts to my pc at work when I have mindless work to be about (seldom, but sometimes). Get it rolling!

    Oh, and the thought I started out to post: check out the Bruce Wilkinson Leadership DVD set Larry has. I don’t know who borrowed it last, but he should. It goes through all the roadblocks Satan will throw up, and which ones God may want you to trip over (not saying anything about you, but personal sin is one of them… God wants you to purify yourself before you can really fully serve Him… I’d have to have an egoectomy to do that!)

  6. Yeah, I agree with the purify thing, but also have to be realistic and admit that if we let Satan strangle us into thinking we cannot start ministry until we reach a certain level of purity then the world wouldn’t be reached near enough. Not saying that is where you are directing your thoughts, but I know there are others out there that might have their ministry destroyed due to a feeling of guilt or worthlessness.

  7. Yep. We just need to rememeber the Redeemed part of “Redeemed by the blood of Chirst” when we start to doubt ourselves. It’s not that we need to execute works to please God, it doesn’t work that way, as you know. It’s more of (my thoughts, echoing Bruce) what hangup do I need to deal with before I can minister effectively? As I mentioned above, my big problem is my ego (see, back to me!). Fortunately, God has bee kindly hammering that to a pulp over the past six years or so. (and it has nothing to do with being married, not in a negative way – maybe in a positive way).
    I just want to clarify, this is just one example of God refining us for service.

    Dave Ramsey gave another great example of a holy hurdle on the radio tonight. If God wants me to buy something, I’m gonna have the cash. I won’t have to borrow. The cash will be there, either through my determination to save diligently for it or through God working in other ways. If “the money ain’t there, God doesn’t want me to have that” material possession. That’s Dave, he is down on borrowing, though most of us need huge discpline to do that.

    He preceeded that with a quote… Determination gets you back on track after a detour. Discouragement is a detour. Determination will get you back on track. And that is how you win, whether with buying a new house (congrats, btw) or starting a business or ministry or podcast. 🙂

  8. To go along with The Vision of the Leader DVD, I just read the first and eighth chapters of Wilkinson’s The Dream Giver at Talk about inspiring! The first chapter is an allegory about Ordinary, who was given a Dream from the Dream Giver. The eighth is more application for finding your dream. It affirmed what I’m presently doing, but also reminded me there’s bigger and better stuff ahead!
    In The Vision of the Leader, one thing that struck me on purification, as long as we’re on the subject–and this is so practical for EVERY believer–is (from my notes): “If, after a time, you haven’t had anymore indication of sin in your life, tell God, ‘Before you, there is no known sin in my life in any way, past or present.’ Then be quiet. He’ll remind you of things. Eventually, you will only be able to feel a sense of the Lord’s affirmation.” He said reaching that point can be a 10-15 year process! (During which, of course, you are still ministering in other ways, preparing for the accomplishment of the big vision.)
    Oh, if EVERYONE in the Church could see this series AND APPLY IT ALL, imagine the impact that would be made!

  9. Ooh, ooh, ooh! Datatribe (Hi, honey!) was posting as I was typing. What Dave Ramsey said is also similar to something Bruce was saying. The following is also from my notes:
    “[Sign #4: You’ll have an] intensifying burden for the Need
    “You get emotional about the need.
    “Don’t move on with it if you’re not burdened from God about it.
    Burden will be the motivation to carry you through.
    “It’s in your soul and spirit.
    “Even pray for a burden—Ask God, ‘What’s Your burden?’
    “A burdenless ministry is outside God’s will!
    “If God doesn’t put the burden on your heart, you’re free.”

  10. A life void of sin could only be the life of Christ alone. We are called to be “like” Christ, but cannot expect to mirror Him while here on earth. There’s no giving up on becoming more and more like Him every day, but there are so many people that let their egos get to them and sometimes pretend to be holier than the rest of us. I think that’s why God gave us the commandments of loving others, so that the focus is off of us and our progress or accomplishments and all about the lost and the possibility of hell being their eternal home.

  11. I agree. Our lives as Christians here will always have sins (not to be confused with Sin, of course) here and there, hopefully far less as we progress in maturity. And I don’t think Bruce would disagree with that! Here, he’s mainly talking about core cleansing (which I mistakenly remembered as 10-15 years; it’s actually 5-10) and specifically that which pertains to the vision. Even more specifically, he talks about sins concerning the vision (usually NOT your own!) and motives for one’s ministry (like feeding ego or seeking money instead of glorifying God). I cannot do his points justice! But the application I saw for everyone is that God will keep going deeper and deeper the more we open ourselves up to his cleansing–like a surgeon dividing joints and marrow (Heb. 4:12).

  12. I’ll have to check it out sometime. I’ve been through a lot when it comes to working with ministries. Some have been good experiences, some have been worse than some outside of ministry have been. I think the number one question every ministry should have is “how effective they are at reaching the lost”. God has ways for all of us to reach them, otherwise it wouldn’t have been a commandment.

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