WWJD with technology – Social

Topic 5 of 5 – Social

Being social is part of being on the internet these days, right? Almost everyone (more each day) is on Facebook and/or Twitter. There are new social networks popping up. Some are even going to the point of creating social networks to separate themselves into niche groups. With what reminds me of an amish mentality, Christians are building up walls in trying to protect themselves. Maybe taking Romans 12:2 a bit too far? I’m sure Matthew 28:19 will be a challenging verse for those that are trying to be so different / so unique. We always have to ask ourselves if the groups we are joining focus on connecting with those who don’t believe in God like we do.

Being social is something that Jesus portrayed just as well as anything else. His success as He interacted with people made the religious intellectuals (Pharisees) jealous. Like we read in John 3:26 and John 11:48. It’s our goal to become Christ-like, but sometimes I believe we’re becoming more like these guys. Being social is about people, not pixels! So many of us bend our own identity to be accepted. We throw away humility and who we really are as we long for admiration. I think the key we (myself included) have to always return to, is that life is about people, not pixels!

God has really confirmed this with me and my family this year. We’ve seen for ourselves that the online world can be used to connect the offline. While traveling the country on the 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks project, and starting up the local Digital Disciples ministry here in Ohio, we’ve connected with new individuals. Both started online, but created those opportunities offline. With those that follow Christ, and those that don’t.

There’s an area of discomfort that you have to go through when you really see people as important. But I believe that is exactly what Jesus did. He wasn’t so concerned with Himself that He forgot about the woman at the well (John 4:9) or the prostitute (Luke 7:39). Do you stay away from connecting with new people, or maybe isolate yourself when you’re not sure what kind of person you might have to interact with? Truly being social has no walls.

PRAYING for a continued desire to connect with people not like me. PRAISING God for working miracles when we tear down walls of pride.

  1. Loved this series Gabe. Relatively speaking, I’m kind of new at this social technology and this is a level that I need to take my ministry to. Thank you for this post!

  2. Gabe~
    thanks for the conviction that being social is about people not pixels. Love that!
    Would you be open to sharing with me how to link scripture like you have done in your blog post? Would like to use this method…

    Have a great day~

  3. Ben Cunningham

    This series has been fantastic, Like Shannon, I also like the phrase “life is about people, not pixels!”

    Good Job 🙂

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