WWJD with technology – Pornography

Topic 3 of 5 – Pornography

You probably knew this one was going to show up in the list? How could it not when the following statistics ring loudly through the church across America!

  • 50% of all Christian men and 20% of all Christian women are addicted to pornography.
  • Out of 81 pastors surveyed (74 males 7 female), 98% had been exposed to porn; 43% intentionally accessed a sexually explicit website.

I could go on with stats like this. The fact is that this sin is raging, and it’s not stopping once it gets to the church doors. Pastors can preach all they want, and that doesn’t seem to have changed many hearts or minds. Scripture like Exodus 20:14, Matthew 5:28, Ephesians 5:5, Colossians 3:5-6 can be repeated, even memorized, and this lifestyle continues on. This isn’t a simple problem, and providing a solution isn’t easy. I admire XXXchurch.com for providing assistance (when most real churches don’t), web surfing monitoring software, and an extensive website.

For some reason, just knowing that God is against the sin isn’t enough. Isn’t that the case with most sins? We have to know that we can do something about it. We can actually be of help to others, either in prayer, discussions, or simply directing them to the people that can help. But I don’t say that without realizing that, if the stats are correct, 50% of the men and 20% of the women (who pledge to follow Christ) that read this blog or view this post on social networks are struggling with the sin today.

If that is you, feel free to visit the contact page on this blog, send me a private message on Facebook or Twitter, and let me pray for you or connect you with some individuals who can help.

PRAYING for those that struggle with this area of sin in their lives, and that they would stop keeping it a private issue. Also for the church itself to realize they need to wake up and confront this battle that is taking place in the lives of those that attend there. PRAISING God for giving us the Bible and making it clear what kind of life He wants us to be living.

  1. I think this is a topic that is well-known as it relates to men, but I think there is still a lot of ground to take as it relates to women.

    I have watched women seriously struggle with this, and while I could, if necessary, approach most Godly men and discuss a problem with porn without fear of them being too shocked, I don’t think many women who struggle w/ porn could do the same. A guy who struggles with porn is ‘normal’, but a woman who struggles is still considered ‘weird’ or ‘dirty’, and that’s very unfortunate.

    I’m very excited about what Chrystal Renauld is doing over at http://www.thenewpornaddicts.com/.

  2. Rebecca

    Often the most uncomfortable topics to discuss are the ones that need the most attention and reach the most people. Great job on reaching out and providing an outlet through yourself to the Lord for assistance.

  3. Good job on posting about a topic that needs more posting…and talking and dealing with. Like most sin issues – the key to unlocking freedom is the heart. It is God’s domain; however, Church and church are called to craft an environment where that heart connection can be made and that is found in relationships. This, like most sin areas, requires intimate relationship to overcome – not a sermon or a once-a-week accountability group.

    Want to help those struggling – start asking the hard questions of your friends and then step up and love them to recovery. They know it is wrong, but feel powerless to stop. Judgment and condemnation never turned a sinner back, but love and trust have a very high success rate. Your heart and grace is the cure and God again allows us to be very real parts of His great plans in very significant ways if we will simply love.

  4. Ben Cunningham

    Wow, Steve, you make a great point about loving each other. I hadn’t thought of that medicine before, but now that you say it, it makes perfect sense.

    I also agree with Rebecca, in that the most uncomfortable topics are the ones that people take notice of “wow, he actually took the courage to say that!” and because of that is therefore really useful in reaching people. Good Job (as usual) Gabe.

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