WWJD with technology – Popularity

TOPIC 2 of 5 – Popularity

Let’s face it. It’s much more comforting to know that someone is listening when we choose to speak out. This might not seem like a big issue to you, but it is to many people. 2 Timothy 4:3 is often applied to preaching from the pulpit or street evangelism. But what about blogging, tweeting, email, etc.? The truth is, every aspect of our life is a sermon. There are eyes reading or ears listening to us wherever we go. As I’ve said before, I believe in the priesthood of all believers. We all were changed at the cross, and have a message to share. But we feel pressure. We want to be liked. So what do we do?

We compromise. When we build these communities (online kingdoms) we have our prosperity in mind. Many who have accepted the truth of the cross that sets us free end up ditching it in order to get more traffic. Some podcasters never mention they are Christ-followers to grow their subscriber base. John 17:14-19 touches on the desire that Christ has for our lives. His first desire isn’t for us to be known as an expert, although that sure seems like a trending topic among church techies these days. Many like to be known as the blogging, leadership, marketing, writing, design, or video expert. They spend hours discussing how to become better on Twitter without ever talking about taking a step closer to Christ. I’ll be the first to admit, that has been me before.

One of my favorite verses, and my ringtone (thanks Toby Mac) is Luke 9:25. So where does it stop, or how do we control this? I’m sure learning more and more each day, but have found that it’s good to review the most recent things I’ve shared on the web. Listen to podcasts or blogs I’ve created and critique them. Asking myself if Christ was allowed to be a part of the message, or was he never mentioned? Would new friends, readers, subscribers or followers even be able to tell I was following Christ? Have you asked yourself questions like these? Are there ways that you can step down from the throne and make Him famous? Even if it took being content with a smaller audience? I believe Proverbs 13:20 speaks directly to the community we should desire.

PRAYING for those that I know are silencing the truth online in search for fame. PRAISING God for always giving us opportunities to grow.

  1. Matt Harmon

    you bring a very good point on the thought of a smaller audience by stating we are Christians. I started a blog a while back and every single post is faith related. While I do have a very small audience of 1-3 different people reading each time, that doesn’t stop me, but a busy schedule does.

  2. Ben Cunningham

    I guess quite a few of the readers of your blog are associated with technology in some way, therefore this series hits the nail on the head. I haven’t seen these kinds of topics discussed anywhere else. I can’t speak for the others here, but I’m certainly the series.

    Good Job 🙂

  3. Chris Yoder

    What a testmony you have! I’m proud to be your momil!:)

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