Wired for worry

I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy reading and hearing from James MacDonald, but his weekly devotional (you can read and subscribe to receive the weekly email here) really hit me this morning. I won’t reiterate everything, especially since you can click through and read it yourself. Staying focused ONLY on today is something I’ve always been challenged with. So much on my mind, so much to do, family and friends to enjoy, what lies ahead to be accomplished on my work calendar……..but I have no control over their tomorrow really?

James made a great observation – we’re not wired for worry or fashioned for fear! To think that God designed us ONLY for today is just mind-boggling. Carpe diem (seize the day) really comes into play here. The interesting thing to me is that we are created specifically for the task at hand…..no more and no less. What is on our plate right now is what God has granted us. Wishing for more or less, or wanting a “re-do” or even to go back and do what we just did all over again is impossible. Whether it’s been a great past or a horrible one, it’s been removed and is only there as a memory. Why doesn’t the world challenge itself with this? Maybe because my world starts me with me and I’m not there yet. Thanks for the reminder James!

  1. I subscribed not long ago and wow, I have enjoyed them.  This weeks I read over and over since it came.  I liked it too “not wired for worry or fashioned for fear”.  A great reminder to me!

  2. Something to think about…in our society we are constantly encouraged to “think ahead” and “plan ahead” which often leads to worry and fear…It is going to take some thought, prayer and effort to balance this one!

  3. Carpe diem – good t-shirt material !  I pray I am getting better at this..and realize that what is in my future….IS IN MY DAY….MY DAY…if I do what GOD is asking of me…will open my future for HIM ~ going to go clean POPO’s house….smile !

  4. Amen!:)  Thanks for the reminder on a subject I struggle with !  As you probably know, I like Max Lucado.:)  He has a couple devotionals he has written called “Grace for the Moment.”  That title makes me think of II Cor. 12:9, about God’s grace being sufficient for our every need.  It also makes me think of Matt. 6:34, where we’re told not to worry about tomorrow.  God’s grace is INDEED sufficient, but I don’t think He gives it out ahead of time.:)  When we need it, it will be there.  He wants us to trust Him moment by moment, and worry is pretty much a lack of trust.  Thanks, Gabe, for the valuable lesson!

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