Why Vista – my church – excites me

vistalogoOur previous church planted Vista Community Church two years ago this week. At first we didn’t give much thought to attending, mostly because it would add a few more minutes to our drive. What an insane thought, now looking back on it. God had other plans. Back in the beginning of 2008 the staff at Vista approached me about assisting them in their efforts with web and graphic design. To be honest, the church we were at wasn’t too focused on that at the moment and I was eager to get involved. I began working with Vista a bit, helping a group design their site and meeting with the staff to help project what God might have us do in the future.

We decided that if I was going to be so involved with this new church that we should pray over actually starting to attend there. A prayer that was answered within weeks. We’ve now been attending since May of 2008. The church has also been growing these first two years, from 100 during the launch to around 400 now. This church has been the first that I’ve been EXCITED to go to, and to be a part of throughout the week. The staff decided to bring me on part-time for 5 hours per week a while back, and have just asked me to bump that up to 10. This is something I’ve always hoped to be doing, and am honored that God would make it possible. I’m anticipating the upcoming re-design of the site. The first is functional, but the design isn’t something I’m too thrilled about. There are so many other talented people in the areas that I am involved in, and it thrills me to see what is going on at this moment.

Are you excited about being a part of the church body God has placed you in? Have there been things that have gotten you down that might be good to know as we grow together? If you’re anywhere near Columbus, OH (Dublin / northwest Columbus area), we’d love to have you come join us! Check out this video by my friend Josh Fronduti that was played during our celebration today!

  1. Chris Yoder

    How exciting! I loved the video! Thanks for sharing! Isn't it great to be a part of a body of believers and to know that you're right where God wants you to be?!

  2. Hi Gabe,

    I'm glad you're excited about your Church. I think everyone should be!

    I found my way here from your wife's new blog. You did a great job on it, by the way.

    Your blog is great.I'm going to be adding you to my rss.

    God bless


  3. I love Vista too! I actually made a post about why I love Vista on my blog yesterday! Like your blog by the way!

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