Why men hate going to church

The book I am reading, Why Men Hate Going to Church, has really made a lot of sense to me this week. He quotes a wise man from Texas as saying “Men don’t go to church ‘cuz they’ve been”. What’s that suppose to mean? I think it lets us know that, even to the dislike of the feminists out there, that most men hate going to church. David Murrow brings out so many great issues, like the fact that most men that attend church regularly do it because it is something that has been passed down through generations, but that their personal relationship with Christ lacks substance. I took a look around our church the past two weeks to see what kind of men attend regularly. I saw many men in suits and ties who (hate to admit it) seem like the business type or at least the furthest thing from the outdoors man.

The author reminds us that challenge is the love language that most men speak. If we think about it in comparison to movies, I think it will open our eyes. There are chick flicks and there are action or adventure movies. Are many of today’s churches geared towards the chick flick life? Maybe leaning towards politeness and comfort more than challenge or confrontation? I can’t remember the last time a man in the church approached me about my walk with the Lord. I can remember the last time a man approached me and asked how my day was. It was yesterday!

What can we do about this? I strongly advise you to pick up the book and read it yourself. Pray about how you can take more of a part in your church, or if you are a woman, to maybe prod your husband and see what’s up. I’ll definitely be writing more about this book in the next few days!

  1. Amen, Gabe.  I have heard from someone else about that book, and it does make a lot of sense how feminine the church has become.  Look at the most men in the congregation…they may look happy or okay, but if we could see them inside, I’m confident most of them are saying, “I just want to puke!  This place is too plain.”  Church has tamed and sucked the man out of men.  I bet if we could decorate the sanctuary like a big log cabin and hang hunting trophies and gun racks or fishing poles, the place would be a zoo!  YEAH…praise God!!?  Well, maybe not that extreme, but take down the doilies and pretty ornametation; put up some stuff that shows some masculinity.  Men will perk up!  AND…it’s also more than that!  We need to teach each other how to be real men! (I’ve been reading “Wild at Heart” and “The Hidden Value of a Man.”)

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