Where’s the separation now?

There’s defiinitely one thing that has opened my eyes during this time of tragedy with Hurricane Katrina in the south……..that’s how so many, including the media, are so for much for the separation of church and state, but when it comes to a time those same people need help that totally changes very quickly. If you’re one of those people I don’t really apologize for this. You don’t realize there are those people that say “you are in their prayers” and there are those that PRAY. So many people tell you words of comfort in times like this, but when it comes to actions, not a second of their time is really given up. Or maybe God is just so polite that He lets you plead for Him to show you His love whenever you feel free to ask for it.Could it be that He is only asked to help when you need it the most? I know not every single person in this nation is going to come to the point of salvation, although I do sense that our time is short here on Earth and that many more are going to come to know the Lord very soon. What I do know is that no matter who you are, or whether you are treading through the water in New Orleans or comfortably sitting in your home like I am in the north………God has always been present and will help you when He is good and ready. That could be now or that could be later, but I can guarantee His grace will be sufficient for those that don’t just come to Him in a time of tragedy.

I don’t have to waste time showing you how this disaster should awaken us to the fact that all that we have here on Earth has no value…….look at the people just leaving their entire livelihood to start from scratch, and they didn’t just graduate from college with a bright future. I thank God so much for giving me every day of my life, not for my gain, but only to use what He has given me and to share what He has taught me with others.

If the “STATE” would open their eyes and see how much God wants to bless them, it would be their pleasure to become part of the “CHURCH”. The church isn’t just a building that’s for sure, and it isn’t just a shelter, although many are becoming those in that area. The church is the body – whether they are praising God together or individually throughout the week It’s obvious why the church shines in times like this…….because it’s not really about them, it’s God through them. Those of you reading this that just play the games with God…….doing whatever you freely choose to without even giving Him thought shouldn’t need times like this to wake you up. Who knows what it will take for God to get your attention, but there’s not one of us that shouldn’t need much more?

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