Where I belong

I’m guessing you enjoy your music like we all do. You can listen to the song using the audio player I’ve included in this post while reading (just click play – it’s that easy) If it takes a few seconds to buffer, it’s worth the wait.

ihopalbumI always get excited when people release free tunes, but IHOP (International House of Prayer) released this free album a while. At first, I was expecting the normal “not-so-hot” download. That’s usually what you expect when something is free right? I was stunned, and have listened to this song from the album probably 20 times this month. Feel free to click here and download the album from their site today. Many of the other songs are awesome as well.

What speaks to me about this song? We all belong at the same place. We might be different in many ways, but God longs for us to be with Him. In the different places, at the different paces we are moving, in the different times of the day. The more often we seek to be with Him, the more we realize He is just waiting to delight in our lives at just that moment. You might be having a tough day? He’s right there. You might feel like a failure? He’s right there. All of the stories you’ve heard of Him coming through when the world thought He couldn’t. Those are true. You are a delight to Him no matter what others think of you. No savings, success, sweat, tears or pain are going to get you to where He is. I need to remember there is no speed that I need to reach in order to keep up with Him. No amount of accomplishments to satisfy Him. It’s always me that doesn’t enter into the relationship, not Him! Enjoy the song, and I pray it brings a smile to your face wherever you are today.


PRAYING that I can help my daughters understand how much God wants to be with them. PRAISING God for always being there when nobody else is.

  1. What strikes me is the fact that alot of our prayer is done in groups because too many times we want to show our 'holiness' to everyone else OR there is that reticent fear of meeting God face to face, cos you feel so inferior. But both of those reasons are wrong. God loves you/me/everyone as a friend, a son, a daughter. He WANTS to be with you

    • I know I've believe that God is with me every step of every day, the good and the bad. But I'm pretty sure I haven't actually given that much thought / been thankful enough for that.

  2. Thanks for the comment traeblain – glad you are enjoying the music. Definitely quality stuff.

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