Where are the Patriarchs?

We had a great study last night in our men’s group as we continue our quest to better understand the five roles God has given men (son – brother – husband – father – patriarch). They all usually take place in that order, but men usually give up when they don’t feel like they measure up. What’s with the whole measuring up thing anyways? I know women struggle much more with that, so I won’t even go there and try to figure our gender out. I’m sure women have matriarchs in their own lives as well.

Anyways, we’re starting with the one that takes place last and working backwards. Our pastor is leading the group and really gave us examples of the qualities a patriarch has always had (all the way back to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and Noah).

1. They have an authentic walk with God. (Gen 17:1)
2. They are an integral part of the community. (Gen 45:9-10)
3. They impart out of their own journey of faith. (Heb 11:8)
4. They hold fast to the promise of God. (Heb 11:9)
5. They know how to extend a word of blessing. (Gen 49:38)

A patriarch stands before a group of people. They don’t lose their focus on taking over the world, but they narrow that down to the people God has given them to be a blessing to. Most of us look at people in the Bible and don’t realize that their lives weren’t always perfect examples or perfectly Christ-like all of the time. We get down on ourselves and sometimes just give up because we don’t feel like we can really follow Christ (sincerely).

A patriarch doesn’t just read their Bible. They let God’s word soak through EVERY area of their life. They’ll continue to screw up, but they’ll also continue to let it soak in. When a patriarch goes to be wth the Lord, the group they stood before actually misses them – and their lives are usually changed because they met them.

Pray for me as I take a step either this week or next week on the patriarch path, and let God’s Word soak through. I know what I am called to do, and am very certain that it is a challenge that God’s given me to become who He wants me to be. Those who are patriarchs don’t take on that role to everyone……..just those that God has given you. My focus needs to be on being a patriarch in my family first, but can’t stop there. If you haven’t started there, please back up. I know I need to continue to revisit that in my life, and constantly learn how that role is lived out in my immediate family. Sometimes the best pastors or leaders of our nation lose focus of their immediate group that God’s let them stand before. Success is not always a blessing from a multitude of people – sometimes it’s a smile or a hug from a young child. Waiting for others to be the patriarch seems to be trend these days?

  1. Remember we use to tease Mom/Grandma that she was the ” MATRIARCH”…but in all sincerity, she was…and she took seriously the immediate family thing, didn’t she !  That is neat and really good stuff…. I prayed this morning..that GOD would breathe “spiritual life” into YOU… like a balloon…not settling for a ” little air of GOD”  but HUGE…HUGE breath of life into YOU !

  2. You can count on my prayers for you in this specific area, too!  And from what I’ve observed from your life, you’re already on the right track!:)

  3. I will be praying…I do think that many of us want to lead but we don’t want to do the work or take the responsibility.  The reality is that we have a wrong view of what a leader is and how they function.

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