When Jesus gets into your boat – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 15

After reading this account in Luke, it’s pretty hard to think of the times that we’ve told Christ it was too late for Him to work or too late for Him to change things around. Peter wasn’t ready to go back out and give fishing another try. The problem was, He wasn’t focused on what God wanted to do. He was focused on how tired he was and what he was capable of (not catching any fish). What Christ was focused on and capable of was the opposite, but Peter couldn’t see through to what could be happening. He saw the times when Christ was testing Him by allowing he and the other to go out and catch nothing.

That’s what we usually see. We usually see the tests that He gives us and find them as worthless because they aren’t bringing in any “fish in our lives”. There’s a pile of fish that God is just waiting to dump into our life’s adventure…..where is Christ leading us today that might take us there?

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